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Oklahoma Appeal Lawyers

What Is an Appeal?

An appeal is a legal action that asks a court to review a decisions previously made by a lower court. The hope of an appeal is that the higher court will rule differently, ideally in the favor of the person who filed the appeal. Appeals are made as a result of an “adverse decision,” or a decision that did not legally favor you. However, you cannot simply make an appeal because you did not like the result of a court decision—you must have legal grounds, or a valid justification for the appeal.

Legitimate reasons for an appeal include:

  • Mistakes made by the court
  • A misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the facts
  • The revelation of new or newly-relevant facts
  • Misunderstanding / misapplication of the law

The purpose of appeals is ultimately beneficial for filers—they provide a way for mistakes committed by the court to be undone by higher authorities. If you have been subjected to a court decision that is neither fair nor justified, appeals give you the second chance you need. However, you will require an attorney for the appeals process. An attorney will be able to determine if you have grounds for an appeal and file on your behalf.

How Our Firm Can Help

N. Scott Johnson & Associates is highly skilled and experienced when it comes to appeals regarding family law. Your court decision may not be the end of the story. Whether you want to overturn a custody decision or the size of your divorce settlement, we can help you file an appeal effectively and quickly.

With 50 years of combined experience, our lawyers have experience handling appeals or working for appellate courts (the courts which receive appeals). We understand the process with familiarity and insight. In the end, we can make sure that the facts of your case speak for themselves, creating the best solution for you and your loved ones.