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Property & Debt Division

Property & Debt Division

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Oklahoma Property & Debt Division Lawyers

When marital property needs to be divided in an “equitable” manner during a divorce, any debts accrued during the marriage must also be divided. Insuring that you are not stuck with an unfair debt burden is a natural concern.

Our family law attorneys at N. Scott Johnson & Associates  have represented high net worth clients in all types of complex property division disputes. Our firm is highly regarded in the Tulsa area legal community for our attorneys’ ability to find effective solutions for our clients, including in the division of debt.

NSJ’s Family Lawyers Protect Your Financial Interests

Protecting your financial well-being now and in the future is our top concern. Many financial issues can come to light during divorce proceedings. It is important to have an attorney that is well versed in how to effectively and immediately tackle your financial concerns to avoid further damage. Some common financial issues in divorce can include:

  • One spouse incurring a large amount of a debt on a jointly held credit card;
  • One spouse concealing a large amount of debt due to a gambling problem or some other addiction;
  • Dividing debt that one spouse held before a marriage but has since become commingled;
  • Determining who will make payments on a home or car loan and who will take possession of the property.
  • Property that was owned by one spouse prior to marriage but is now commingled.
  • Division of a business owned by one or both spouses.

We will use the discovery process to get a full accounting of you and your spouse’s debts and assets including using forensic accountants and business valuation experts when necessary.