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Oklahoma Litigation Lawyers

Litigation is the general process through which a case moves. It begins when one party files for relief from the Court. Once served, the opposing party is required to file a response and often request their own relief from the Court. Following the initial filings, it is often necessary to go through the discovery process. This can involve many steps and processes to determine what evidence the opposing side has to make their case.

"Litigation" is a term often used when referring to high conflict cases. Litigating family law matters is inherently stressful and can be time consuming and costly. However, for many families, contested litigation is the most effective manner in which disputes can be resolved.

N. Scott Johnson & Associates is widely recognized as a premier firm in the area of family law. Our practice covers family law cases throughout Oklahoma. The attorneys have experience in handling complex and sophisticated litigation, often on behalf of clients with diverse and substantial assets. Many of our clients, however, are people of ordinary means dealing with the difficult issues of family dissolution, including custody, child support, alimony, division of assets and counsel fees.