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Oklahoma Mediation Lawyers

How Mediation Works

Divorce is often known for conflict and adversarial conversations—two spouses, backed by their aggressive lawyers, will fight it out over every last asset. While we offer aggressive representation when it is necessary to uphold your rights, we believe in a cooperative approach, mediation is one of the many methods we employ to provide strong, mutually-beneficial solutions. It is available to parties in every area of family law, whether they are represented by counsel or representing themselves.

Mediation is a legal proceeding where a neutral third party helps two other parties facilitate an agreement. Unlike a court proceeding, a mediator does not pass judgment or make a decision in any way. Their purpose is to help both sides come to an agreement that is best for everyone. However, if you are unable to reach an agreement, the next step is proceed to a trial and allow a Judge to make the decision for you.

How Mediation Can Help with Your Divorce

Good mediation is the result of two voluntary parties—however, mediation is sometimes required by the court. A mediator does not choose sides because the purpose of mediation is negotiation, not “winning.” The advantage of mediation is that it avoids the uncertainty of court decisions. Clients who cannot find a solution in mediation have the freedom to pursue other solutions—in contrast, once a court passes judgment, both parties must abide by the decision for better or worse.

At its core, mediation is constructive and cooperative. It is about rebuilding something better out of the marriage, rather than cutting it up and dividing the pieces. It can be a more pleasant experience, empowering two reasonable parties to reach an agreement that requires no judge to impose a court order. Good mediators ensure that the process is fair and unencumbered by adversarial posturing or aggression from either side.

Our Mediators Provide Creative Solutions to Complex Problems

Our firm offers the services of our Managing Partner, N. Scott Johnson as a mediator. Mr. Johnson is a highly regarded and very experienced family law attorney that has practiced throughout Oklahoma. Mr. Johnson's experience in the courtroom enables him to recommend unique solutions to your problems.

Pursuant to Oklahoma law, the mediation process is confidential and Mr. Johnson cannot testify in your case if an agreement is not reached.

Please contact our office to inquire about Mr. Johnson's mediation rates.